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    What does the 21st century teacher need to know?

    And how will their prowess be assessed? Report from the MirandaNet conference in Prague, June 2012, by Christina Preston, England, and Jan Lepeltak, the Netherlands Twenty-five participants from Bulgaria, England, Germany, Slovakia, The Czech Republic and The Netherlands met together in Prague, 2012,  to share the latest ideas about educational innovation. Our topic was: What [...]
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    Resources for the 21st century teacher

    The 21st century teacher need to know about digital technologies, and why? And how will their prowess be assessed? Here are the resources from the MirandaMod in Prague on Thursday June 7th 1630 – 1830 Central European time (1530 – 1730 GMT) Wiki link http://mirandamod.wikispaces.com/Poskole Twitter hashtag #poskole Short programme link : http://tiny.cc/edpdfw Many thanks [...]
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    Continuing Professional Development: multimedia resources and training for teachers

    Formal ICT Professional development: the challenges Christina Preston Year of posting: 2012 Article Report coordinators: Matthew Pearson, Rachel Jones, Roger Turner. Accompanying mind map resource: Designing continuing professional development  The challenges to formal teacher professional development that will arise in the next 5 to 10 years are considerable, yet the opportunities to transform practice and [...]
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    The Value of Becta on the World Stage

    Dr Christina Preston, MirandaNet Fellowship. Professor of Educational Innovation, University of Bedfordshire   Since the news broke about closing down the British Education and Computing Technology Agency (Becta) by the new coalition government in the UK, MirandaNet members from all over the world have been debating the potential effects online. A typical response came from [...]
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    Digital Initiatives In Argentina

    Digital Initiatives In Argentina Across the world a growing number of  initiatives are putting netbooks in the hand of the learners: these mobile devices are believed  to improve motivation and raise achievement. I have just returned from speaking in Argentina where connecting all young Argentinians to the Internet has also become a national priority: over [...]
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    Digital Initiatives in Education: Waiting for the UK Coalition

    Author: Christina Preston Founder of the MirandaNet Fellowship www.mirandanet.ac.uk Professor of Educational Innovation, University of Bedfordshire   In the UK, innovative national projects in the use of computers in teaching and learning have been taking place since the late 1980s. These project have moved in incremental stages from teacher training, to deploying educational software in classrooms […]
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