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Holy Cross SchoolHoly Cross, Taichung and Chongde Schools

MirandaNet School, Holy Cross, in New Malden, has been working with schools in Taiwan on some creative ideas using ICT.

To date, there are two schools involved, working with the UK on different projects.

The first school, Taichung First Senior High School, has enthusiastically adopted the Science Through Arts (STAR) project created by Lawrence Williams, working with NASA scientists. Jao-Fu Wang has sent us a report describing how it is being developed in Taiwan.

Holy Cross SchoolThe second school, Chongde Junior High School, also in Taichung, is developing an on-line library of PowerPoint story books, with the text written in London, in English, and translated into Mandarin, with a voice-over in Taiwanese.

Follow this external link to the on-line library:

This new web site forms part of the MirandaNet Stories for Children project.

Why not download Blackcurrent's Journey, a delightful example of the work undertaken by the children.

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