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Dan SporeaMirandaNet links with Romania began simply through a MirandaLink email. Dr Dan Sporea Head of the Laser Metrology and Standardisation Laboratory in Bucharest, was calling for papers for an international Workshop "Science Education in Schools" to be held in Bucharest. You might be interested in downloading Dan's PowerPoint delivered at this conference: Science Education in Romania through hands-on activities (PowerPoint file from Dan Sporea, 4.9MB).

At Holy Cross School, Lawrence Williams took up the challenge, and submitted a paper about his "Science Through Arts" project, which, following Federal budget cuts, had moved from the USA to Taiwan. Conference dates in Romania were a problem, and so, in a "first" for MirandaNet, Lawrence gave his paper there without actually leaving the UK! Instead, a PowerPoint presentation was sent to Bucharest, together with the paper, and Dr. Sporea kindly gave the presentation on his behalf.

Dan and Lawrence are now working together on new ways of developing student collaboration on science education, in the UK and Romania. Follow this link for "Climate of Opinion?" an international science project, looking at global warming and related science. The section also includes some of the planning information for this project.

Center for Science Education and TrainingFor contact details, see the Center for Science Education and Training, in Romania:

News update

Lawrence and Dan’s Global Warming Project has been described by Rolls-Royce plc as “an outstanding contribution to science teaching”, in the Science Team Award category. Certificates from Roll-Royce now adorn Science Department walls both in London, and in Bucharest, thanks to the creative use of ICT tools, and an equally creative team of teachers.

The collaboration with Romania continues.

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