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MirandaNet has a number of members in China who are anxious to explore collaborative links with other teachers in the Fellowship. They have set up a local version of MirandaNet known as e-Mulan. There are British Council funds to help with this project.

A visit to China took place in August 2002. You can find out about this conference at the Mulan Webpage.

UK/Chinese Curriculum Exchange

We would like to extend our appreciation and thanks to Actis and Promethean who funded school visits and a reception at the Conrad Hilton Hotel for the Chinese teachers at BETT03. It was particularly pleasing to have a mixed group of heads and senior teachers as well as classroom teachers.

Our thanks also go to the UK teachers, heads and the guides who hosted these visits. The schools involved were Cheam School in Reading, Blue Gate Fields Infants and Junior Schools in London, Waldegrave Girls School at Twickenham, and Chafford Hundred Campus in Essex. Each of these schools put extra time and effort into making the Chinese welcome and encouraged them to ask questions. This time was very much appreciated by the visitors. See the e-Mulan page for details of the participants.

We do not want these warm feelings of friendship and the opportunity for long term exchanges to dissolve away. Most of the teachers had made excellent contacts and had plans for projects. The MirandaNet Fellowship would like to give these plans a boost by providing a MirandaNet web page for the Mulan Community.

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