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The Future Learning research exchange aims to influence policy and practice in educational innovation.

Hands On ICT

Hands on ICTMirandaNet is a partner in the EU LLL Hands-On ICT Project that aims to facilitate the integration of ICT tools in teaching and learning.

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The MirandaNet Organisation - image to illustrate our activities and locations.

MirandaNet News

Third International Learning Design Challenge: Move-It-Online

Please join us for our Third International Learning Design Challenge: Move-It-Online

Led by Professor Diana Laurillard from The London Knowledge Lab, Institute of Education in collaboration with Building Community Knowledge, MirandaNet, Creative Digital Solutions and Hands-ON ICT project.

The Aim

Our 3rd online International Learning Design Challenge is about understanding the impact of taking teaching and learning activities online. We will provide ways of describing and planning effective teaching ideas, especially those that illustrate ‘pedagogically purposeful uses of technology for learning’. The Challenge is to transfer this to your own optimal way to move it online.

What will you get out of the design challenge?

  1. Free CPD
  2. Collaborating with others on a learning design challenge that is useful to you
  3. Learning from your peers while contributing to changing and reshaping education that has international potential
  4. Experimenting with our international learning design tool
  5. Experimenting with our CRAM tool
  6. Contributing to international community knowledge about teaching with technology
  7. Being part of a MOOC
  8. Getting “Badged” recognised: There are up to 4 badges for this event. But there is some hard work to be done to get them. Are you up for the “move-it online” challenge!!!

Who should do the challenge?
This challenge is open to all participants who deliver education to all sectors both formal and informal, so for example why you might join the challenge:

  • I never use any technology in my classroom to teach and I would like to think about designing an activity that I could use with some learning experiences I have in mind;
  • I would like to try to bring a particular experience of using technology in the classroom to help with a particular learning experience;
  • I have never taken any activity online and would like to design an activity and get feedback about this;
  • I do lots of blended learning and I want to take this opportunity to get some feedback from my peers;
  • I do lots of blended learning and I want to take this opportunity to share some of my experiences through the learning designer and CRAM tool and get some feedback from my peers;
  • I do lots of online teaching I want to take this opportunity to get some feedback from my peers;
  • I do lots of online designs and I am interested in using the learning designer tool and CRAM tool and getting feedback from my peers;
  • I am an instructional designer and work with teachers to take their courses online and I would like see how/if these tools can help me;
  • The challenge sounds interesting and I would like to experiment and find out more …
  • I just like learning about new things…

To sign up and find out more

The Challenge

Our Move-it Online challenge is to invite you to design and plan for the optimal use of learning technology in your own context, with the help of two new tools for teachers:

  1. the Learning Designer, for designing, sharing and reviewing learning experiences that may be conventional, blended, or wholly online;
  2. the Course Resource Appraisal Model (CRAM), for planning and estimating the learning benefits and teaching costs for a session or module, that may be conventional, blended, or wholly online.

Overview of the Schedule

Starts 30th October for introductions and starter packs with your plan for each week
Live online events from 1:00-1:45 pm (UK time): November 3rd, 10th, 17th, 21st, 24th and December 1st
Live online discussion forums from 1 pm Thursday 13th November from 1:00 pm
Up to 4 open badges: Move-It-Online Designer, Move-It-Online Experimenter, Duo Move-It-Online and Move-It-Online Discussion Champion 

We hope you can join us on our 'Move-It-Online' challenge.

Any questions/comments about the event email us or send a tweet.

Best wishes from the Learning Designs Team

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HandsOn ICT MOOC on October 27th 2014

MirandaNet are partners in the third pilot of the free EU Handson ICT MOOC ( Massive Online Open course). On the 27th of October we will launch the third edition of the Learning Design Studio for ICT-based Learning Activities MOOC. The course will last 5 weeks and a group of facilitators will support you in the task of designing your own learning activities and lessons. The course will be offered in six languages: English, Spanish, Catalan, Greek, Slovenian and French.

The features of the course are:

  • A focus on the Learning Design Studio (LDS) approach, a design process to help educators design courses and learning activities.
  • Facilitators from several countries with expertise in Online Learning, Creativity and the Learning Design Studio who will work with participants to explore the potential of this learning method to introduce ICT in the teaching and learning processes.
  • The opportunity to observe, practice and learn with other educators about methods for peer review and peer mentoring.
  • The creation of practical artefacts that can be reused by educators in their actual classrooms or learning scenarios
  • The use of specific tools to support the process of learning design: ILDE, Learning Designer and ODS

Details of participation: http://handsonict.eu/join-the-mooc/
If you would like to take part to gain accreditation as a MOOC efacilitator follow this link: http://handsonict.eu/join-us/

November 2014 Autumn Newsletter


  • Congratulations to new Fellows
  • Research with associates: GroupCall, IRIS Connect
  • MirandaNet seminars at BETT15
  • A MirandaNet chapter in Pakistan
  • Miranda at the House of Lords
  • Challenges of 21st century knowledge management
  • EU MOOCs:Learning Design Challenge, Move-It-Online
  • EU MOOCs: Hands On ICT, third pilot
  • Open and copyright free resources for schools
  • Book reviews
  • Miranda at the BERA conference


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MirandaNet works with valued associates who support the Fellows in their action research projects and knowledge exchange activities.

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