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MirandaNet has built a network of leaders at the forefront of digital learning for over 25 years.

Meet our team of experts both in the company and part of our global network.

Where do I start? I have had such a long and fruitful relationship as part of the MirandaNet community it is difficult for me to separate it from any part of my teaching career. I have been part of MirandaNet since the mid 1990s and have found it a most useful organisation and body of people to ask for advice or take part in various avenues when exploring how the use of technology in education can be used for the benefit of all involved. Read all testimonials.

Doug Brown

Former Head of ICT in Schools DfE

Being a MirandaNet associate has given us marketing opportunities that our company would not otherwise enjoy. MirandaNet has 800 members in 80 countries but in addition, members have worked with governments and institutions in approximately 25 countries and can give us valuable contacts. Recently Christina Preston did a speaking tour of universities and schools in Australia and Poland, for example, and has provided us with leads from these countries. Read all testimonials.

Rachel Jones

Steljes Associate and director of the Elliot academies

MirandaNet has provided incalculable benefit to education by providing policy briefings, case studies and evaluations on learning with digital technologies. Its vibrant network of expert researchers and practitioners has informed the development of policies on new methods of classroom teaching, connections between formal and informal learning, learning with personal and mobile technologies, appropriate use of social network technologies for learning, and many other topics. Read all testimonials.

Mike Sharples

Professor of Educational Technology, The Open University, UK

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